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Sunday, September 02, 2007
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    from P.L Binh

    2/2005 I was not understand why up until then, we can not communicate well with each other. There was only u in my head for the whole 2 years since our first meeting at the PNT lab. I try many ways to get close to u with hope to bring the wall between us down so we can be like other couples .

    8/2005 I would finished the bcom and took grad ceremony at year end but i did not want to stay away from u yet so i failed the intern on purpose just to see u as long as i can.

    1/2006 i knew i can not stay at rmit any longer , i wanted to ask u to marry me so i can take care of u and protect u for the rest of me life. It was not easy to do ,. This was the decisive point which I had to choose to stay at rmit, take the MBA course , and try to improve our relationship or leave , do business as crazy as I can , buy a house, come back to be with u again. There were a lot of reasons for me to leave and only one for me to stay, it is U . I did not want a poor life for us both so, creating a acceptable property and income would insure the family well being and children future. Maybe I think to far that I decide to let go for about 01 year and come back to u with better condition for a better ending. Fear of being rejected by u , and losing u forever was so strong that prevent me from propose to u sooner . I assume that your parents will not accept a guy who is nobody, not a rich man, not a talented guy, just average guy who love their daughter the most.

    11/2006 during the past 10 months without U , I tried to live a life with only one goal “ buy a house and come back as soon as I can” . everything I do is for the sake of our future family. I can stand the missing and painful feeling at days but at nights , there is no way I can sleep. I wonder do I that much love u , if not, why I am so much in pain, why I just wish to give up every morals, rules, honor, respect to rush to your house and say I want to marry u. If I do not love u, why I can not like other cute, open minded, lovely girls around me that time. I wish to hear even a single word from u but every time I call , it just a clod and heartless reply from u. why don’t u just say u hate me and u love someone else so I can total give up and be at peace . Why?

    6/2007 knowing u still at rmit, I still hope that once I get enough money to buy a house I can be back and we can be together again. I failed to do it. I belive in the wrong people who I should never belive, I trust in principals that I should trash along time ago. I should be back with u immediately while I did not . IT WAS MY MISTAKE. I know u can not wait that long for a guy , I was fear that u will desert me and marry other guy . Fear and not knowing anything about u weaken me, damage my mind and body. There is still hope for me that If I can earn money through stock market , I can have a house, car, income that enough to protect u, support u, brign hapiness to u every single day. I was wrong.

    6/2008 after several trials in stock trade, I failed, it is too late for stock investment . The pressure of making money to take care of u and our family was the reason that make me unfocus, panic, loosing calm , and destriy me confidence. Look like I was stuck and can not find a way out .

    8/2008 I am ready to marry , I am well prepare now. I had enough pains, I stand enough lies , I suffer enough from the life without u. No, this has to be over, it should end 3 years ago. I decide to go back to see u again, talk to u what in my heart no matter what happened over the past 3 years.
    But , when I saw u , I did not recognize u for the first 5 second. I wonder who is this woman, why she looks so much similar to the girl I love. Why there are so many characteristics that exactly the same as my girl. ? I was panic, I was empty when I see the way you walk, there is only one girl I this whole world had that style. U , no doubt. I saw the ring on your right hand, I know I was too late to be back, u married .. When, who, how. It is not important anymore. I know you will change over time but I don’t care, I lvoe u for who u are. I wonder what the hell have I done for the past 3 years ? for whom? For what purpose? In the end I still lose what I treasure the most, the one I love most, my family I called. The first one I really want to protect and take care.

    Now I know that leaving u was wrong, completely worng in the first place. I should be staying with u when u need me most. I thought that I leave to invest in our future family well being but I was wrong. There was no family. There is only u. I should be focus on presence , the necessary things that u need , not the unpredictable future.

    Did you live happily with your family over the past 2 years, ? how is your children , is it a boy or a girl? You look more mature with short hair style , tanned, did you go out under the hot sun that much? Why your husband did not buy u a car ? Please do not use motorbike as it is dangerous for women to travel in this crowded city.

    If we can see each other again, I just want to say how are u, dear friend.